1 Star hotels in Naples

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1 star hotelHotel Europeo - Sea Hotels

Hotel Europeo - Sea Hotels

Via Mezzocannone 109/c, Naples

The Europeo is located in the city centre, on IV floor of a respectable building, lift. It is 1 star hotel because of it hasn't got "common areas" but services are the same of a 3 star hotel.

1 star hotelHotel Ginevra

Hotel Ginevra

Via Genova 116, Naples

Hotel Ginevra was founded in 1955 and is managed by the Di Lorenzo family. Renewed in January 2009, Hotel Ginevra is a Hotel both for young people and for more demanding travellers, where the united family...

1 star hotelHotel Duomo

Hotel Duomo

Via Duomo 228, Naples

The Hotel Duomo is a nice family Hotel,situated in the center of the old city, between the street of S.Biagio dei Librai(famous for its Christmas cribs) and the via Tribunali,also about 50 mt. from the...

1 star hotelHotel Nettuno

Hotel Nettuno

Via Sedile Di Porto 9, Naples

We are situated in Neaples city centre, close to the university, to the central railway station and to the touristic harbour. Many of our guests consider our hotel a sweet place to feel home.

1 star hotelHotel Iris

Hotel Iris

Via Bologna 14, Naples

Perfect for visiting Naples and the Amalfi Coast, the Hotel Iris is located close to the Metro stop Garibaldi and the central railway station. It allows easy access to the Circumvesuviana and boasts an attentive...

1 star hotelHotel Bella Capri

Hotel Bella Capri

Via Melisurgo,4, Naples

Hotel Bella Capri awaits you in a strategic position in Naples, near the most beautiful attractions of the city, such as the Angioino Male and the Umberto I Gallery. Located near the harbor, where ferries leave...

1 star hotelHotel Crispi

Hotel Crispi

Via Francesco Crispi 104, Naples

Hotel Crispi is a lovely hotel in Naples, located near the elegant Corso Vittorio Emanuele, just steps from Piazza del Plebiscito and the heart of the city. The nearby underground station of Piazza Amedeo allows...

Villa Albina

1 star hotelVilla Albina

Via Mattia Preti 6, Naples

Hotel Poker

1 star hotelHotel Poker

Via Milano 13, Naples