1 Star hotels in Trieste

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1 star hotelHotel Capitelli

Hotel Capitelli

Via Trauner 1, Trieste

Located in the heart of Trieste, right next to the Arch of Riccardo, Hotel Capitelli has a very convenient location to reach the centers of interest in the city, including Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia.

1 star hotelAlabarda Dependance

Alabarda Dependance

Via Valdirivo 22, Trieste

Just 200 meters from the Grand Canal of Trieste stands the Alabarda Dependance. This 1 star hotel offers a warm, attentive service and easy access to both the train station and Piazza Unità d'Italia, which are...

1 star hotelHotel Portacavana

Hotel Portacavana

Via Felice Venezian 14, Trieste

The Hotel Portacavana is located in the historical centre of Trieste, in a cozy building in Art Nouveau style. The elegant Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia, the waterfront and the Castle of S. Giusto can be reached in...

Hotel All'Arco

1 star hotelHotel All'Arco

Piazza San Silvestro 4 (Check in at Piazza Barbacan 3), Trieste

Hotel Barbacan and Dependance all'Arco

1 star hotelHotel Barbacan and Dependance all'Arco

Piazza Barbacan n.3, Trieste

Hotel Brioni

1 star hotelHotel Brioni

Via Ginnastica 2, Trieste