2 Star hotels in Assisi

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2 star hotelHotel Properzio

Hotel Properzio

Via S. Francesco 38, Assisi

At the beginning of the historical centre and only at 100 metres from the S. Francesco Church.The hotel has a family management  with the care of the details and the attention to our guests.All the rooms are...

2 star hotelHotel Trattoria Pallotta

Hotel Trattoria Pallotta

Via San Rufino 6, Assisi

Hotel Trattoria Pallotta is located in the beautiful old quarter of Assisi, a short walk from the Duomo. The property is located in a convenient pedestrian street, surrounded by shops and restaurants.

2 star hotelHotel Minerva

Hotel Minerva

Piazzetta Ruggero Bonghi 7, Assisi

A short distance from the Basilica of San Francesco and the main historic and religious monuments of the famous city of Assisi, stands the Hotel Minerva. A great place to stay to relax and explore the city and its...

2 star hotelHotel La Fortezza

Hotel La Fortezza

Vicolo Della Fortezza 19/B, Assisi

Hotel La Fortezza is situated in a quiet pedestrian street near the famous Cathedral of Assisi. Housed in an elegant building dating back to the tenth century, this hotel offers excellent value for money and a...

2 star hotelHotel Berti

Hotel Berti

Piazza San Pietro 24, Assisi

In the heart of Assisi, 200 m from the Basilica of San Francesco, you will be welcomed by the Hotel Berti. Equipped with a convenient public parking, just 50 meters from the hotel, this hotel is well served by...

2 star hotelHotel Lieto Soggiorno

Hotel Lieto Soggiorno

Via Fortini 26, Assisi

In the historical centre of Assisi, the town hall square and the beautiful Basilica of Saint Francis, stands the hotel Lieto Soggiorno. Built with stone and antique finishes, this hotel has nine guest rooms...

2 star hotelHotel San Giacomo

Hotel San Giacomo

Via San Giacomo, 6, Assisi

In the heart of the historical centre of Assisi, just 50 meters from the Basilica of San Francesco, you will find the Hotel San Giacomo. This is a great place to stay in a quiet and comfortable environment and...

2 star hotelHotel Vignola

Hotel Vignola

Via San Bernardino da Siena 23, Assisi

The hotel, hospitable, comfortable, and well kept, is run personally by the owner. The structure is handicapped-accessible. Private parking area. Recently built, the hotel is about 2 km from Assisi and is...

2 star hotelHotel Da Angelo

Hotel Da Angelo

Via San Potente 6, Assisi

Hotel Da Angelo is located in the heart of the beautiful Umbrian countryside, a short distance from the centre of Assisi. Perfect accommodation for small groups, this hotel is located within walking distance from...

2 star hotelHotel San Rufino

Hotel San Rufino

Via Porta Perlici 7, Assisi

The welcoming and comfortable Hotel San Rufino is located in Umbria, in the historical centre of the ancient medieval town of Assisi, just steps away from the magnificent Cathedral of San Rufino.