2 Star hotels in Bellagio

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2 star hotelHotel Il Perlo Panorama

Hotel Il Perlo Panorama

Via Valassina 180, Bellagio

3 km from the centre of Bellagio, on top of a hill overlooking Lake Como, the Hotel Il Perlo Panorama welcomes you. Perfect for those looking for a quiet holiday in a warm and familiar atmosphere.

2 star hotelHotel Nuovo Miralago

Hotel Nuovo Miralago

Via Pescallo 19, Bellagio

In the heart of the charming town of Bellagio, you will find the lovely Hotel Nuovo Miralago. In a short walk of about ten minutes you can reach the pier with the ferries departing on Lake Como.

2 star hotelHotel Bellagio

Hotel Bellagio

Salita Grandi, Bellagio

Hotel Bellagio is located in the beautiful old town and offers stunning views on Lake Como. This boutique hotel offers excellent facilities including a gym and a sauna. Most rooms have stunning views over the...

2 star hotelHotel Ristorante La Pergola

Hotel Ristorante La Pergola

Piazza Del Porto N.4, Bellagio

Housed in a former monastery in the small bay of Pescallo, Hotel La Pergola is a few minutes walk from Bellagio, the starting point for wonderful excursions by boat to explore Lake Como.

Albergo Europa

2 star hotelAlbergo Europa

Via Roma 21 23, Bellagio