2 Star hotels in Livigno

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2 star hotelHotel Sporting

Hotel Sporting

Via Saroch 1272, Livigno

The Hotel Sporting is a short walk from the lifts Carousel 3000, a 5-minute drive from the heart of Livigno. The Stelvio National Park and the lake of Livigno are about 6 km away.

Garni Gimea

2 star hotelGarni Gimea

Via Saroch 1578, Livigno

Hotel Baita della Luna

2 star hotelHotel Baita della Luna

Via Pontiglia 285, Livigno

B&B Valandrea

2 star hotelB&B Valandrea

Via Plan, 347/F, Livigno

Hotel Camino

2 star hotelHotel Camino

Via Compart, 445, Livigno

Hotel Teola

2 star hotelHotel Teola

Via Parè 110 , Livigno

Hotel Bernina

2 star hotelHotel Bernina

Via Dala Gesa 486, Livigno

Hotel del Bosco

2 star hotelHotel del Bosco

Via Teola 160, Livigno

Residence Gardenia

2 star hotelResidence Gardenia

Via Saroch 1375, Livigno