2 Star hotels in Palermo

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2 star hotelHotel Alessandra

Hotel Alessandra

Via Divisi 99, Palermo

The "Hotel Alessandra" is situated in the city of Palermo, in the beautiful historical centre, near  very famous monuments of the old city as the Massimo theatre, a rare example of...

2 star hotelHotel Moderno

Hotel Moderno

Via Roma 276, Palermo

The Hotel Moderno is located in the bustling city of Palermo, in one of the city's main streets and just 700 meters from the Teatro Massimo. Staying at this 2-star hotel you can reach in a short time, the railway...

2 star hotelHotel Columbia

Hotel Columbia

Via Del Celso 31, Palermo

Hotel Columbia is located a few meters from the beautiful Baroque Quattro Canti square, in the historical centre of Palermo. The main road, the shopping area and the most important churches in Palermo are just a...

2 star hotelAlbergo Verdi

Albergo Verdi

Via Maqueda 417, Palermo

Albergo Verdi awaits you in the historical centre of Palermo, in front of the Teatro Massimo. The surrounding area is well served by public transport, in an area full of pubs, shops and restaurants and offers easy...

2 star hotelHotel Villa Archirafi

Hotel Villa Archirafi

Via Lincoln 30, Palermo

Hotel Villa Archirafi is located in close proximity to the railway station of Palermo, near the beautiful botanical gardens. From here you can easily reach the charming old town and many other sights.

2 star hotelHotel Cortese

Hotel Cortese

Via Scarparelli 16, Palermo

The Cortese Hotel is located in the historical centre of Palermo, close to the beautiful cathedral and the market Ballarò. The marina of the city is easily reachable on foot in just ten minutes.

2 star hotelHotel Libertà

Hotel Libertà

Via Mariano Stabile 136, Palermo

The Liberty Hotel is on the top floor of a 10-story building in downtown Palermo, 1 km from the railway station. A great location for those wishing to stay in the heart of the city without giving up all the...

Ariston Hotel & BB

2 star hotelAriston Hotel & BB

Via Mariano Stabile 139, Palermo


2 star hotelBelmonte

via principe di belmonte 96, Palermo

Hotel Italia

2 star hotelHotel Italia

Via Roma 62, Palermo