2 Star hotels in Pisa

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2 star hotelHotel Astor

Hotel Astor

Via Alessandro Manzoni 22, Pisa

The Hotel Astor is located in the historic city centre, is 2 star hotel with a very good value for money. Recently refurbished, with modern furniture and amenities.

2 star hotelHotel Moderno

Hotel Moderno

Via Filippo Corridoni 103, Pisa

The Hotel Moderno is waiting for you in Pisa, 20 minutes walk from the famous Leaning Tower and the airport. The railway station and bus station are just 150 meters away and the historical centre and the...

2 star hotelCecile


Via Volta 17, Pisa

The Cecile Hotel is located in a quiet area in Pisa a few steps away from the famous Leaning Tower. From here you can easily visit all the main attractions of the city, thanks to the excellent public transport.

2 star hotelHotel Roseto

Hotel Roseto

Via Pietro Mascagni, Pisa

For those arriving by train to Pisa, Hotel Roseto is the perfect accommodation in fact, it stands only 120 m from the station. The centre can be reached on foot or by public transport, while in a short drive you...

2 star hotelHotel Milano

Hotel Milano

V.Pietro Mascagni 14, Pisa

If you arrive by train to Pisa, a short walk from the station, you will be welcomed by the Hotel Milano. From here you can reach both the University and the famous Leaning Tower. The airport is only 5 minutes away...

2 star hotelHotel Villa Primavera

Hotel Villa Primavera

Via Bonanno Pisano 43, Pisa

Hotel Villa Primavera is situated in a superb location in a verdant, lush garden and is located not far from the characteristic Leaning Tower of Pisa, the University and from the hospital.

Hotel Amalfitana

2 star hotelHotel Amalfitana

Via Roma 44, Pisa