2 Star hotels in Taormina

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2 star hotelHotel Soleado

Hotel Soleado

Via Dietro Cappuccini 41/A, Taormina

500 meters away from the historic center of Taormina in a peaceful area and only 600 meters from the cable direct to Taormina, the elegant Hotel Soleado welcomes you with its spacious rooms with terrace.

2 star hotelHotel Victoria

Hotel Victoria

Corso Umberto 81, Taormina

Hotel Victoria is an historic building and is located in the center of Taormina, just 300 meters from the funicular, Mazzarò Bay, Isola Bella and the beach Spisone. All the best attractions in the north of Sicily...

2 star hotelVilla Gaia

Villa Gaia

Via Tommaso Fazello 34, Taormina

In the centre of Taormina, just a short walk from the Duomo, stands the Hotel Villa Gaia. Located just 700 meters from the cable car leadind directly to Isola Bella and Mazzarò, this hotel is a short walk from...

2 star hotelHotel Villa Greta

Hotel Villa Greta

Via Leonardo Da Vinci 46, Taormina

A small cosy hotel, run by the family Lombardo since 1969. The owners of the Hotel in person take utmost care of the guests most of whom are frequenters and have left their gratitude in four "Golden Books"...

2 star hotelHotel Natalina

Hotel Natalina

Via Porta Pasquale 2, Taormina

Located in Taormina, near the cable car leading to the beach of Mazzarò and the greek amphitheater, the Hotel Natalina welcomes you. Airport transfers on request, public parking Lumbi just 100 meters away and a...

2 star hotelPresident Hotel Splendid

President Hotel Splendid

Via Dietro Cappuccini,10, Taormina

The President Hotel Splendid is situated in a quiet residential area of Taormina, famous resort of the Sicilian coast, not far from the bustling city centre. The hotel offers beautiful views of the Mediterranean...

Hotel Villa Chiara

2 star hotelHotel Villa Chiara

Via Don Bosco 10 B, Taormina

Hotel Villa Nettuno

2 star hotelHotel Villa Nettuno

Via Luigi Pirandello 33, Taormina

Taormina Garden Hotel

2 star hotelTaormina Garden Hotel

Via Nazionale 155, Taormina