3 Star hotels in Agrigento

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3 star hotelHotel Tre Torri

Hotel Tre Torri

Viale Cannatello 7, Agrigento

A few minutes away from the world wide known valley of the Temples, hotel Tre Torri has 118 rooms in three floors, with lift. The hotel is open all-year round. It has international and local cousine in the...

3 star hotelHotel Del Viale

Hotel Del Viale

Via Del Piave 19, Agrigento

Just 3 minutes walk from the historical centre of Agrigento and 2 km from the Valley of the Temples, the Hotel Del Viale welcomes you. Located just minutes walk from the Monastery of the Holy Spirit and the Church...

3 star hotelHotel Akrabello

Hotel Akrabello

Via Parco Angeli, Agrigento

The Akrabello Hotel is located in Villaggio Mosé, in the area called "Parco Angeli".It is only 2 km from the wonderful valley of Temples and 3 km from the beaches on Agrigento's shoreline. The building...

Templi E Arte

3 star hotelTempli E Arte

Via Degli Aceri 1, Agrigento

La Nuova Girgenti

3 star hotelLa Nuova Girgenti

via Orfane 45, Agrigento

Villa Concordia

3 star hotelVilla Concordia

Via Degli Asteroidi 3, Agrigento

B&B Cannatello

3 star hotelB&B Cannatello

Via cremona,5 2, Agrigento

B&B Al Dammuso

3 star hotelB&B Al Dammuso

vicolo coniglio 5, Agrigento

B&B La Gioconda

3 star hotelB&B La Gioconda

via della gioconda 2\a, Agrigento

Hotel Concordia

3 star hotelHotel Concordia

Via San Francesco D'Assisi 11, Agrigento