3 Star hotels in Alghero

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3 star hotelHotel Alguer

Hotel Alguer

Via G. De Giorgio 12, Alghero

Hotel Alguer overlooking the striking Gulf of Alghero is located a few steps away from the city centre and the famous port of the city. The hotel has modern and comfortable rooms and a garden where you can relax...

3 star hotelHotel Angedras

Hotel Angedras

Via Frank 2, Alghero

Angedras Hotel is situated in a beautiful location in a quiet neighborhood near the old town of Alghero. This cozy three-star hotel boasts a large terrace with lovely views.

3 star hotelHotel San Giuan

Hotel San Giuan

Via G.M. Angioy 2, Alghero

The Hotel San Giuan overlooking the promontory of Capo Caccia is located near the magnificent beaches of the Riviera del Corallo. This small hotel offers comfortable air conditioned rooms equipped with satellite...

3 star hotelHotel Florida

Hotel Florida

Via Lido, 15, Alghero

This panoramic hotel is located along the marvellous coastline of Alghero, opposite to the beach of Lido San Giovanni. Hotel Florida boasts comfortable rooms with sea views, fitness center, swimming pool and a...

3 star hotelHotel El Balear

Hotel El Balear

Via Lungomare Dante 32, Alghero

Hotel El Balear, overlooking the turquoise blue sea of Alghero, lies a few steps away from the city centre with its restaurants and shops. This charming accommodation for a pleasant stay in Sardinia offers easy...

3 star hotelHotel Riviera

Hotel Riviera

Via Fratelli Cervi 6, Alghero

The Hotel Riviera awaits you just steps from the beach in the centre of Lido San Giovanni. Just a short distance from the seafront leading to the centre of Alghero, this hotel offers the ideal base for a relaxing...

3 star hotelHotel Il Gabbiano

Hotel Il Gabbiano

Via G. Garibaldi 97, Alghero

Hotel Il Gabbiano is situated right on the beachfront, along the famous Passeggiata Barcellona, ​​in the heart of Alghero. Nearby you can visit the Church of San Francesco, the gardens, the cathedral of Santa...

3 star hotelResidence Europa

Residence Europa

Viale Europa, 57, Alghero

The Residence Europa is located on the Riviera del Corallo, Alghero, just 50 m from the beach and 5 minutes walk from the historical centre. This pleasant 3 star hotel offers car rental, bicycle rental and tour...

3 star hotelHotel La Margherita

Hotel La Margherita

Via Sassari 70, Alghero

In the immediate vicinity of the Cathedral of Alghero, close to the bus stop towards the airport, stands the Hotel La Margherita. This pleasant 3 star hotel offers easy access to the aquarium and the Museum of...

Borgo degli Ulivi

3 star hotelBorgo degli Ulivi

Via delle Nasse 74-76, Alghero