3 Star hotels in Arezzo

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3 star hotelHotel Le Capanne

Hotel Le Capanne

Via Dei Mori, 44/45 San Zeno, Arezzo

The hotel "Le Capanne" is born from the restoration of a farm house belonging to the Tenuta di Frassineto. The oldest part of the house dates back to the end of the XVI century and it shows its age in the part...

3 star hotelHotel L'Aretino

Hotel L'Aretino

Via Madonna del Prato 83, Arezzo

In the centre of Arezzo, Hotel Aretino stands about 300 meters from the train station of the city. Located near Corso Italia, it is located in an area full of shops, bars and restaurants.

3 star hotelHotel Piero Della Francesca

Hotel Piero Della Francesca

Via Romana 20 Angolo Via Adigrat 1, Arezzo

Hotel Piero Della Francesca is situated in a superb location just a 15 minutes' walk from the heart of the historical city of Arezzo. You can easily reach the city thanks to the nearby bus stop.

Casa Volpi

3 star hotelCasa Volpi

Via Simone Martini 29, Arezzo

Hotel San Marco

3 star hotelHotel San Marco

Via Giovanni Verga 4, Arezzo