3 Star hotels in Praiano

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Accommodation by category

3 star hotelHotel Torre Saracena

Hotel Torre Saracena

Hotel Torre Saracena, Praiano
Via Roma 21

Hotel Torre Saracena is located in Praiano, overlooks the sea and enjoys a magnificent view that goes from Capri to Positano and Amalfi. An ideal place for a relaxing holiday of sea, good food, and also excursions...

3 star hotelHotel Villa Bellavista

Hotel Villa Bellavista

Via Rezzola 47, Praiano

Hotel Villa Bellavista is located in Praiano, ancient fishing village, just 6 km from Positano and 9 Km from Amalfi. Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Amalfi Coast, this 3-star family run hotel offers easy...

3 star hotelHotel Margherita

Hotel Margherita

Umberto I 70, Praiano

Hotel Margherita, 3-star family-run hotel, welcomes you in Praiano, overlooking one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world: the Amalfi Coast.

3 star hotelHotel Il Pino

Hotel Il Pino

Via G. Capriglione 13, Praiano

Hotel Il Pino welcomes you in Praiano, in the heart of the Amalfi Coast. Housed in a newly constructed building, it features all the comforts for a relaxing stay just a few steps from the sea.

3 star hotelHotel Holiday

Hotel Holiday

Via Umberto I° n. 105, Praiano

The Hotel Holiday Amalfi Coast welcomes you halfway between the Maritime Republic of Amalfi and the wordly Positano. Located in Praiano, an ancient fishing village overlooking the Amalfi Coast, this hotel boasts...

3 star hotelHotel Pellegrino

Hotel Pellegrino

Via Gennaro Capriglione 190, Praiano

The Hotel Pellegrino is beautifully located in Praiano, along the Amalfi Coast. Not far from the hotel, stop some public buses that will allow you to quickly reach the main cities, such as the Amalfi coast...

3 star hotelHotel Onda Verde

Hotel Onda Verde

Via Terramare, 3, Praiano

The "Onda Verde" hotel, situated in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, offers an unforgettable stay for nature lovers in search of tranquillity. Like a perfectly set diamond, Onda Verde is in an enchanting location...

3 star hotelLocanda Costa Diva

Locanda Costa Diva

Via Roma 12, Praiano

The Locanda Costa Diva is waiting for you in Praiano, a charming town on the Amalfi Coast. The location is ideal for visiting the most interesting places in the surrounding area, such as Positano and Amalfi -...

3 star hotelHotel La Perla

Hotel La Perla

Via Miglina 2, Praiano

Hotel La Perla welcomes you in Praiano, overlooking the creek of Praia, one of the prettiest spots of the Amalfi Coast. This simple and informal hotel is within walking distance from the beaches and the Path of...

3 star hotelHotel Smeraldo

Hotel Smeraldo

Via G. Capriglione N.133, Praiano

Hotel Smeraldo enjoys a romantic view over the bay of Positano and the island of Capri. Just a short distance from the beach, this hotel offers good value for money and easy access to beautiful places in the...