4 Star hotels in Asti

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4 star hotelHotel Castello

Hotel Castello

Via Testa 45/47, Asti

Locanda Al Castello is located in an old palace in the heart of Asti. From this hotel you will enjoy wonderful views over the surrounding hills. Nearby is the commercial area and the medieval quarter.

4 star hotelPrivilège Hotel Castello Di Villa

Privilège Hotel Castello Di Villa

Via Mario Bausola 2 Frazione Villa, Asti

In the village of Villa, 2 km from Isola d'Asti, stands the Privilège Hotel Castello Di Villa, friendly 4 star hotel overlooking the vineyards of Monferrato.

4 star hotelHotel Palio

Hotel Palio

Via Cavour 106, Asti

The Hotel Palio, extended and completely renovated, has a restaurant owned and run by Falcon Vecchio and 37 bedrooms equipped with all the modern comforts you would expect. There is an underground car park...

4 star hotelHotel Salera

Hotel Salera

Via Monsignor Marello, 19, Asti

Hotel Salera is a welcoming and modern hotel situated in the picturesque countryside of Piedmont, a short distance from downtown Asti. This hotel is surrounded by greenery and is the ideal destination for those...

Hotel Aleramo

4 star hotelHotel Aleramo

Via Emanuele Filiberto 13, Asti