4 Star hotels in Cefalù

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4 star hotelHotel Le Calette

Hotel Le Calette

Vincenzo Cavallaro 12, Cefalù

Hotel Le Calette is located in the heart of Cefalù, surrounded by olive trees and palms. This hotel has a lovely view over the promontory of Cefalù and the marina. You can easily visit the Natural Park of...

4 star hotelAlberi Del Paradiso

Alberi Del Paradiso

Via Dei Mulini 18/20, Cefalù

Located within lush green gardens, this charming hotel enjoys a quiet location a short walk from the beach and town of Cefalù.

4 star hotelAstro Suite Hotel

Astro Suite Hotel

Via Lungomare G. Giardina, Cefalù

The hospitality first of so many services. Our main aim is to offer you a warm and friendly place where our hospitality will make you feel like home and where you will enjoy pleasant and relaxing moments...

4 star hotelHotel La Plumeria

Hotel La Plumeria

Corso Ruggero 185, Cefalù

Hotel La Plumeria is located in a very ideal location, just steps from the sea and yet within short walking distance from the Duomo of Cefalù. Located a few kilometers from the junction of the A20 motorway, this...

4 star hotelCefalù Sea Palace

Cefalù Sea Palace

Lungomare G.Giardina, Cefalù

The Cefalu Sea Palace is located near the center of Cefalù and it has a beautiful beach to relax. Facilities include a spa and an outdoor pool.

4 star hotelHotel Kalura

Hotel Kalura

Via V. Cavallaro 13, Cefalù

Hotel Kalura is a modern and very comfortable hotel, with private beach and bar on the fantastic sea of Sicily. The accommodation are well equipped and with a lovely view over the Mediterranean Sea. There are two...

4 star hotelHotel Baia Del Capitano

Hotel Baia Del Capitano

Loc. Mazzaforno, Cefalù

Located a few kilometers from the heart of Cefalù, dipped in an olive grove, Hotel Baia del Capitano has a comfortable private beach, ideal for relaxation and has a charming Mediterranean architecture.

Calanica Resort

4 star hotelCalanica Resort

Contrada Vallone Di Falco, Cefalù

Artemis Hotel

4 star hotelArtemis Hotel

Via Roma 101, Cefalù

Hotel Costa Verde

4 star hotelHotel Costa Verde

Via del Commercio snc, Cefalù