4 Star hotels in Sperlonga

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Accommodation by category

4 star hotelVirgilio Grand Hotel

Virgilio Grand Hotel

Viale Primo Romita, Sperlonga

The Virgilio Grand Hotel has recently been built in Sperlonga, an enchanting tourist resort on the coast of Latium, where arrived as first tourist Enea from Troy. The Hotel consists of a three-building...

4 star hotelGanimede Hotel

Ganimede Hotel

Via Ulisse 323 (ex Via Cardi), Sperlonga

To be surprised to be well. It happens at Hotel Ganimede, where it is very easy to dip into the hot and comforting atmosphere of its spaces, under the arches, among the white corridors with openings on the...

4 star hotelGrand Hotel La Playa

Grand Hotel La Playa

Via Cristoforo Colombo, Sperlonga

The Grand Hotel La Playa is located just a short walk from the centre of Sperlonga. Right on the beach in front of the Pontine islands and close to the Monte Circeo, it allows easy access to Rome thanks to a bus...