Bolzano Apartments

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Attico Belvedere

ApartmentAttico Belvedere

Via Delle Rena 11, Bolzano

Park Residence Apartment

ApartmentPark Residence Apartment

Bindergasse 25, Bolzano

Urbanhof Prantenberger

ApartmentUrbanhof Prantenberger

Eisenkellerweg 16/B, Bolzano

Apartment Gries Zentrum 1

ApartmentApartment Gries Zentrum 1

Penegalstraße 3, Bolzano



Via Dr. Streiter 31, Bolzano

Guesthouse Bauzanum Bottai

ApartmentGuesthouse Bauzanum Bottai

Via Bottai 10, Bolzano

Apartments Klotz

ApartmentApartments Klotz

Via Camponuovo 4, Bolzano

Residence Laurenz

ApartmentResidence Laurenz

Leonardo-Da-Vinci 18, Bolzano

Appartamento Vicolo Sabbia

ApartmentAppartamento Vicolo Sabbia

Vicolo Sabbia 30, Bolzano

Apartments Villa Anita

ApartmentApartments Villa Anita

Via Castel Roncolo 16, Bolzano