Castelluzzo Bed and Breakfast

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Accommodation by category

Hotel facilities

Poggio Di Mare

Bed and BreakfastPoggio Di Mare

Contrada Medico 11, Castelluzzo

Triskell Camere & Relax

Bed and BreakfastTriskell Camere & Relax

Via Calazza, 16, Castelluzzo

Rotte e Sentieri B&B

Bed and BreakfastRotte e Sentieri B&B

VIALE C. COLOMBO , 157, Castelluzzo

Bed&Breakfast Acasamia

Bed and BreakfastBed&Breakfast Acasamia

Viale C. Colombo 95, Castelluzzo

B&B Pietre Preziose

Bed and BreakfastB&B Pietre Preziose

Via Cicala 42, Castelluzzo

Aurora Castelluzzo

Bed and BreakfastAurora Castelluzzo

Via Don Bartolo 58, Castelluzzo

B&B Serenity

Bed and BreakfastB&B Serenity

Via Calazza, 43, Castelluzzo

B&B Albatros

Bed and BreakfastB&B Albatros

Don Bartolo, 112, Castelluzzo

Baia Santa Margherita B&B

Bed and BreakfastBaia Santa Margherita B&B

via Don Bartolo 60, Castelluzzo

Cascina degli Ulivi

Bed and BreakfastCascina degli Ulivi

Viale Cristoforo Colombo 84, Castelluzzo