Cinisi Bed and Breakfast

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Bed and BreakfastB&B Cinisi Vacanze

B&B Cinisi Vacanze

Via Generale Vito Artale, 41, Cinisi

Cinisi Vacanze, elegant and cozy B&B, is located in the historic centre of Cinisi, just 7 minutes' drive from Palermo Airport, 25 minutes' from Palermo city centre and 50 from Trapani.

TAM Vacanze B&B

3 star hotelTAM Vacanze B&B

Via Artale, 71, Cinisi

La Mansarda B&B

Bed and BreakfastLa Mansarda B&B

Via Sacerdote Avellone 78, Cinisi

B&B Antichi Colori

Bed and BreakfastB&B Antichi Colori

Via San Benedetto 21, Cinisi


Bed and BreakfastKristal

Corso Umberto 204, Cinisi

Cinisi 89 B&B

3 star hotelCinisi 89 B&B

Via L. Enaudi 89, Cinisi

Kunesias B&B

Bed and BreakfastKunesias B&B

Via S. Badalamenti 246, Cinisi

B&B Fata Morgana

Bed and BreakfastB&B Fata Morgana

Via Leonardo Sciascia 8D, Cinisi

Le Terrazze Di Don Mariano

Bed and BreakfastLe Terrazze Di Don Mariano

Via Piersanti Mattarella 19, Cinisi

Case Vacanze Maltese

Bed and BreakfastCase Vacanze Maltese

Via Venuti 247, Cinisi