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ApartmentLivigno Chalets

Livigno Chalets

Via Dala Gesa 610/A, Livigno

The Livigno Chalets offers apartments immersed in nature, located in different areas of the beautiful city of Livigno. Conveniently located just 300 meters from the ski resorts of the area, among the most famous...

3 star hotelHotel Original Galli's

Hotel Original Galli's

Via Fontana 206, Livigno

The Original Galli's is the ideal place to spend a holiday full of fun and sport. This 3 star hotel is located in Livigno, a beautiful mountain resort famous for its designer boutiques, as well as magnificent...

3 star hotelAppartamenti Nevegall

Appartamenti Nevegall

Via Rasia 185/B (check-in Via Fontana 194), Livigno

Nevegall Residence is located near the pedestrian area of Livigno, in a quiet and pleasant setting. Ideal for shoppers, who can enjoy the status of a customs free zone, offers various types of apartments provided...

Chalet Del Sole

 Chalet Del Sole

Via Molin 447, Livigno