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4 star hotelHotel San Pietro

Hotel San Pietro

Hotel San Pietro, Naples
San Pietro ad Aram 18

Very close to the harbour and the railway station, the hotel San Pietro is near the historical city centre. Large and elegant rooms, 24 hours reception.

3 star hotelHotel Joyfull

Hotel Joyfull

Via Traccia A Poggioreale 663, Naples

Only 50 meters away from the main motorways junctions, and well connected to the city centre by the Circumvesusviana (the local transportations), the Hotel Joyfull is pleasant 3 star, with elegant rooms with...

3 star hotelHotel Cavour

Hotel Cavour

Piazza Garibaldi 32, Naples

Not too far from the railway central station, the Hotel Cavour is a perfect base for those wish stay in Naples with a limited budget. The hotel is near the harbour from where you can take day trips to Capri...

3 star hotelHotel Ideal

Hotel Ideal

Piazza Garibaldi 99, Naples

Situated in a recently renovated twentieth century building, Hotel Ideal expands over two floors, with an elegant hall facing the road and a welcoming, little tavern where breakfast is served. Together...

4 star hotelHotel del Real Orto Botanico

Hotel del Real Orto Botanico

Via Foria 192, Naples

Right in the cultural centre of Naples, near the famous cathedral (Duomo) and Archaeological museum. The Hotel del Real Orto Botanico is a very good value for money, ideal for leisure travellers but perfect for...

3 star hotelHotel Nuovo Rebecchino

Hotel Nuovo Rebecchino

Corso Garibaldi 356, Naples

Ours is one of the oldest hotels in Naples. It was first opened in 1890.The hotel has always been managed by the Gentile family, which has recently refurbished it throughout, fitting it with all modern...

2 star hotelHotel Zara Napoli

Hotel Zara Napoli

Via Firenze 81, Naples

The Hotel Zara recently has been renovated to offer the customer the right atmosphere between simplicity and elegance. HZ offers a nice quite TV/sat section, a little library with English books where it is...

1 star hotelHotel Europeo - Sea Hotels

Hotel Europeo - Sea Hotels

Via Mezzocannone 109/c, Naples

The Europeo is located in the city centre, on IV floor of a respectable building, lift. It is 1 star hotel because of it hasn't got "common areas" but services are the same of a 3 star hotel.

3 star hotelHotel Neapolis

Hotel Neapolis

Via Francesco del Giudice 13, Naples

Hotel Neapolis is a topic hotel situated in the historical center of Naples, surrounded by the most important and interesting monuments of the city. It is situated alongside the "Decumano Maggiore" the center of...

3 star hotelHotel De La Ville

Hotel De La Ville

Vico Ferrovia 6, Naples

The new "Hotel de la Ville" is located in the city center, nearby the "Centro Direzionale" at Naples, not far from the train station Napoli Centrale (Naples Center) and non the less few meters away from the...