Terms & conditions

Terms of Service

Traveleurope Italy provides online hotel reservation services to Internet users. The user agrees that the service is provided "as is" and that no responsibility is assumed by the company for the accuracy of information (room availability, rates etc.) provided by the hotels of its network, nor for the deletion, loss or non-delivery of any information.

The Hotel owner is the sole responsible for the accuracy of information provided and for the fulfilment of booking requests. Traveleurope may update these Terms of Service in any moment without notice.


The user agrees that Traveleurope does not guarantee that its services will be error-free and up to date and that information provided by the hotels are accurate and up to date as stated in the Terms of Service.

The user further agrees that Traveleurope is not responsible for any damage, data or financial loss caused by the use of its services, nor for any inconvenience resulting from the use of its reservation system such as the costs of substitute accommodation.