Genoa hotels in Bolzaneto area

Bolzaneto is a district in Genoa overlooking the Polcevera valley, suburban area north of the city, which includes various location and villages: Morego, Brasile, Cremeno, Geminiano and Murta. On the Valpolcevera mountains there are the Fortresses "Diamanti" and " I due Fratelli", ancient fortifications of Genoa, the Nostra Signora della Guardia sanctuary and on the Montebello offshore, the Castle of Bolzaneto, which now is a health facility. The “I due Fratelli” fortifications, from Savoy origin, date back to the first half of 1800, while the “Diamanti”, to the 1700.

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4 star hotelIdea Hotel Genova San Biagio

Idea Hotel Genova San Biagio

Via Romairone 14, Genoa

The Idea Hotel Genova San Biagio is a refined and modern hotel, whose amenities and services include: a conference centre, restaurant, bar, catering service organised by the hotel restaurant on request for...