All the Travel Guides of Venice: on paper, for Kindle, Apps, and online guides

I will never forget experiencing Venice for the first time.
It feels like you are transported to another time – the art, music, food and pure romance in the air is like no other place. Elizabeth Berkley

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Tourists who want to visit Venice in a weekend, cannot do without them. We are talking about the classic tourist guides that can be found in any library, with sections dedicated to travel and tourism. Visiting Venice without an adequate information support would be like trying the food specialties of a city by eating ready-made meals bought at self-service vending machines. In this way, one will not get the right idea on the food specialties of the place, in the same way as wandering through Calli, Campielli and Bridges would not give the real impression of this beautiful lagoon city.

Venice is technically unique although many other cities in Europe and in the world like to define themselves "the other Venice", the "Venice of the North", the "big/little Venice", etc. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the fact remains that the city of Venice is unique, in size, features and peculiarities.

Therefore in order to thoroughly visit Venice, without leaving to chance the decision on what to see and do, you absolutely need a suitable tool, on paper or in digital format, which can somehow guide and help you discover this World Heritage city.

The tour guides of Venice range from general to specific, thus giving each reader the key that best suits his/her needs. Generic guides are the most suitable for an audience that wants to get a global idea of ​​the city, not only from a historical and artistic point of view, but also in relation to the bars and restaurants in Venice , the main shopping streets and information about the different types of hotels.

However, even highly specialized travel guides are available on the market, which present the palaces and museums of Venice with detailed descriptions of the single works on display, the precious frescoes in the churches or the valuable objects dating back to the Renaissance period and the time of the Venetian Republic.

Venice on Internet

Site Logo
Tourist Promotion Portal of the Province of Venice

This website provides tourist information, as well as news on events and thematic itineraries in multiple languages. The portal gathers all the information about Venice and the cities in its province, with regular updates uploaded by the members of the consortium that make up the APT. A very interesting section is 'Venice Events & Happenings', which provides visitors with information about the artistic, cultural and gastronomic initiatives periodically organized.

Site Logo:
That's Venice! Venice Travel Guide

Tourist information portal available both in Italian and English, for those who want to get familiar with the city before visiting it. The aim of That's Venice! is in fact to provide information and news, but also many curiosities about the landmarks of the city. In this way, visitors can plan their visit according to personal preferences. The portal is divided into sections, with accurate descriptions of Venice’s Sestieri, Museums, Palaces and Churches. There is no shortage of sections dedicated to Venice’s Bridges, the city’s Calli and Campi, as well as streets and squares.

Paper Travel Guides of Venice

In recent years, many paper guides have been transposed into digital format and others have been written and designed specifically for media as Kindle. The following listing includes the latest travel guides of Venice, all published last year.

Kids guides to Venice

Lapis - Alberta Garini & Allegra Agliardi

Alberta Garini and Allegra Agliardi have written this book to allow readers to discover Venice and its secrets through different routes. The book is suitable for an audience of readers aged 7 and up.

Venice Travel Guide: Her Places, History, and Culture

UltraMax Publishing - Veronica Winters

Written by Veronica Winters, this tourist guide of Venice is a journey into the world of art, enriched with over 230 color photographs. The book describes concisely the history of the city and the region in the period of the Serenissima, along with the evolution of art and architecture. The tourist guide also provides useful information on how to get around the city and the islands of the lagoon by public transport, the services available, including the several Cards that can be purchased to visit museums and art sites at discounted prices, and facilities. The guide also provides information on towns and cities of art near Venice.

The Accademia Galleries in Venice

Electa - Giovanna Nepi Scire

Nepi Scirè has produced a tourist guide for Mondadori Electa entirely dedicated to the wonderful works of art from the 14th through the 18th century kept in Venice’s Gallerie dell'Accademia. An essential book for those who want to deepen their knowledge about the works on display, including masterpieces by Mantegna, Bellini, Tiepolo, Tintoretto and Veronese. The book goes through all the rooms of the Accademia describing and presenting the works with pictures.

My local guide Venice

Light Box - John Montanaro & Richard Calimani

This is the third edition of the book, renovated both in graphics and content. My local guide Venice is now enriched with several contributions. John Montanaro and Richard Calimani guide tourists in a tour where film director Tinto Brass tells the secrets of Casanova’s erotic Venice (and not only,) while Renzo di Renzo, artistic director of the Claudio Buziol Foundation, leads readers through the arty wonders of Venice. Dj Cristiano Spiller’s task is to introduce readers to Venice’s nightlife, while graphic designer Giorgio Camuffo talks about design spaces and galleries. Other contributions are provided by personal shoppers Cinzia Fassetta and Laura Scarpa, who tell the best and worst about shopping in Venice.

Travel Guides of Venice for Kindle

Venice & the Veneto Adventure Guide

Hunter Travel Guides - Marissa Fabris
Size: 8712 KB

Marissa Fabris offers a travel guide about Venice and some nearby cities such as Padua, Vicenza and Verona. An area rich in historical and cultural sites, with hundreds of stately homes, many of which have been designed by Andrea Palladio and decorated by the skilled hands of artists such as Mantegna, Veronese, Bellini, Tintoretto and Titian. This is also the region where Giotto has experienced the first prospects that have changed the world of art. A travel guide for fine arts’ lovers, that at the same time provides suggestions on good restaurants and trattorias in Venice.

Lonely Planet Venice & the Veneto

Lonely Planet
Size: 9488 KB

Alison Bing and Robert Landon have produced this digital travel guide of Venice and the Veneto for Lonely Planet’s Guides series. The travel guide provides information on the main cultural and tourist sites, but also information on where to stay and where to eat in Venice and in the main cities of the Veneto region. Includes maps and advice for transfers within the city and the region itself. The travel guide is the result of a personal research of the authors based on the consultation of Venetian citizens and experts in the world of art and culture.

Key Guide Venice

Automobile Association
Size: 66921 KB

Published by Automobile Association, this tourist guide is easy to use, also thanks to the fact that the several sections are divided into different colors. This is a user-friendly ready to use guide, rich in practical information and images.

Pocket Rough Guide Venice

Jonathan Buckley
Size: 5286 KB

Pocket Rough Guide Venezia is a Venice travel guide with accurate and detailed information on tourist sites, but also provides tips on choosing restaurants, bars and shops. The guide will help you plan your visit to the city in a day or two, dividing it into individual routes. For each of them provides information on restaurants, bars, shops and public transports available. This travel guide is taken from the direct experience of the many authors on site.

A practical and quick guide to Venice

Walter Fano & Antonella Fontana
Size: 122 KB

Walter Fano and Antonella Fontana have published this mini-guide to Venice very easy to read and full of practical information. In particular, the authors provide information and advice on how to enjoy a low cost holiday, trying to save money to sleep and eat.

Venice, Italy Travel Guide - Sightseeing, Hotel, Restaurant & Shopping Highlights

Katherine Higgins
Size: 1126 KB

Katherine Higgins has fallen in love with Venice and so she has decided to write this guide to the city. The author provides historical information about the time when Venice was known as the Serenissima and dominated the Adriatic Sea, when the city tightened trade relations with Byzantium and the Far East. The main contents of this guide regard culture and architecture, with detailed descriptions and photos of the major tourist attractions in the city. The author also provides tips on how to plan the trip, but also where to eat and sleep in the city.

Venice Travel Cost Guide

Budget Your Trip
Size: 157 KB

A Travel Guide of Venice that provides useful information on how to enjoy a trip to Venice without spending a fortune. The guide provides tips and tricks to make the most of both your time and budget available for your stay in the city. For all categories – sleep, eat, have fun and move around – the travel guide highlights the best solutions for those who have tight budgets but don’t want to miss out the best that Venice has to offer.

Travel Guides of Venice: iPhone, iPad, iPod APPs

Venezia Womenfriendly
Venezia Womenfriendly

by Permesola
Price: $1.99
Size: 2.1 MB

Womenfriendly Venice is available on iTunes, and is a travel guide of Venice aimed at a female audience. The App, for iPhone and iPad, contains useful information for women who want to get in touch with the feminine side of Venice, such as hotels that pay particular attention to women, restaurants, clubs and cafés suitable for women, glamorous places for aperitifs and happy hour time, shops and hairdressers, manicure and massage centers. A guide to Venice for those who travel alone, with a girlfriend, with children in tow, but also for those who want to enjoy a romantic trip to Venice.

Venice, a useful guide by WeAGoo
Venice, a useful guide

by map2app
Price: free
Size: 49.7 MB

A digital travel guide of Venice created using the information provided by the portal WeAGoo. This handy tourist guide provides accurate information and hundreds of geo-located spots indexed by categories. The app shows the main points of interest with audio descriptions lasting up to 30 seconds accompanied by photos. It also provides geo-localized services, useful to both citizens and tourists, such as police, emergency rooms, hospitals, public transports and parking areas. This App allows tourists to select the categories of interest and view distances and ways to reach places via public transport.

Il Mangelo Venezia - Guida ai Ristoranti di Venezia
Restaurant Guide of Venice

by Il Mangelo
Price: $2.99
Size: 2.3 MB

Mobile version for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch of the contents available on the website Il Mangelo. The application provides directions to the restaurants found in several Italian cities: with regards to Venice, it takes in over 200 restaurants and eateries, with places shown on maps, the possibility to search by name, filters to choose by price, area and cuisine type, advanced search with various selection criteria, possibility to call the restaurant or send an e-mail to book tables.