Wheelchair Accessible Hotels in Levico Terme

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3 star hotelBio Hotel Elite

Bio Hotel Elite

Viale Roma, 19, Levico Terme

The new Bio Hotel Elite is located in the centre of Levico Terme only 10 metres from the thermal spas and offers refined hospitality all year round.The 37 rooms divided into the categories Standard, Delux...

3 star hotelHotel Daniela

Hotel Daniela

Viale Venezia 3, Levico Terme

Hotel Daniela is located in Levico Terme, near the spa, with which it has an agreement, and a short distance from Lake Levico. It offers attentive service in a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

4 star hotelGrand Hotel Imperial Resort Terme Spa

Grand Hotel Imperial Resort Terme Spa

Via Silva Domini 1, Levico Terme

The Grand Hotel Imperial will give you a taste of a princely world. It is sited in the 150,000 m2 of the "Parco delle Terme" in the city of Levico Terme, 520 m above sea level and at the feet of the majestic...

3 star hotelHotel Scaranò

Hotel Scaranò

Strada Provinciale Per Vetriolo 86, Levico Terme

In a very convenient location in Levico Terme, along the road to Vetriolo, you will be welcomed by the friendly Hotel Scaranò.

3 star hotelHotel Romanda

Hotel Romanda

Via Garibaldi 7, Levico Terme

The hotel Romande awaits you in Levico Terme, near Lake Levico and in a convenient position to reach the station and the health spa of the city. It offers convenient access to Trento, accessible by the bus which...

3 star hotelSport & Wellness Hotel Cristallo

Sport & Wellness Hotel Cristallo

Via De Vettorazzi 2, Levico Terme

The Cristallo Hotel has been recently renovated with an ecological approach, it is located high up in the Levico, a quiet area near to the town centre, the Spa facilities and the wonderful Imperial Park...

3 star hotelHotel Liberty

Hotel Liberty

Viale V.Emanuele 18, Levico Terme

The Hotel Liberty is located in the frame of Lake Levico, in the Roman city of Levico Terme, a few minutes walk from the lake and the bus stop leading to Trento. The ski resorts of Panarotta can be reached in...

3 star hotelHotel Al Sorriso

Hotel Al Sorriso

Lungo Lago Segantini, 14, Levico Terme

Immersed in lush parkland and boasting a host of impressive spa and sporting facilities, this 3-star resort presents an ideal base for both a rural respite and an active adventure. Embrace the unique position of...

Bellavista Relax Hotel

Viale Vittorio Emanuele III, 7, Levico Terme

The Bellavista Relax Hotel in Trentino is located in an elegant environment: a Habsburg style building, dating up to the beginning of the 20th century, recently renewed, only a few steps away from the local...

1 star hotelHotel Ideal

Hotel Ideal

Via Domenico Giannettini 5, Levico Terme

The Hotel Ideal is a simple family run hotel located in Levico Terme, near the Spa and a short drive from the city centre, the train station and Lake Levico.