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Bed and BreakfastAlla Dimora Lucense

Alla Dimora Lucense

Via Fontana 17/19/21, Lucca

Dimora Lucense is a small intimate hotel located near the amphitheater in the historical centre of Lucca. Guests can avail of a convenient parking spot and enjoy wwonderful views over the city.

Apartment Daniela

ApartmentApartment Daniela

Via Della Zecca 34, Lucca



Via dell'Anfiteatro 35, Lucca

Le Volte

ApartmentLe Volte

Via San Giorgio 4, Lucca

Corte Le Pierone

 Corte Le Pierone

Via Delle Pierone 43, Lucca

La Rondine

ApartmentLa Rondine

Via pescheria, Lucca

Downtown Apartments

ApartmentDowntown Apartments

Via San Giorgio 75, Lucca

I Borghi

ApartmentI Borghi

Via Michele Rosi, 39, Lucca

Aurora Apartment

ApartmentAurora Apartment

Via Salicchi 279, Lucca

Pelleria 28

ApartmentPelleria 28

Via Pelleria, 28, Lucca