Naples Airport pet friendly hotels

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3 star hotelHotel Fly

Hotel Fly

Via Giovanni Amato 13, Casoria

A few minutes away from the A1 motorway exit Casoria and 1.5 km from Naples Capodichino Airport, the Hotel Fly welcomes you in an elegant and comfortable atmosphere, suitable for both business and leisure stays.

4 star hotelLe Cheminée Business Hotel Napoli

Le Cheminée Business Hotel Napoli

Via Della Stadera 91, Naples

Le Cheminée Business Hotel is based in the building that originally housed the old "Stingo" ceramic factory and was active in Naples from as early as the end of the Nineteenth Century.The building was restored...

Hotel Luxor

3 star hotelHotel Luxor

Via Luigi D'Anna, Casoria

Hotel Masaniello Luxury

4 star hotelHotel Masaniello Luxury

Via Vincenzo Gemito 5/7, Casoria

Casaurea Apartment

ApartmentCasaurea Apartment

Traversa Via Michelangelo 14, Casoria

Hotel Martini

3 star hotelHotel Martini

Viale Guglielmo Marconi, 203 Casavatore, Secondigliano

Millennium Gold Hotel

4 star hotelMillennium Gold Hotel

Viale Comandante Maddalena Umberto 192, Naples

Meeting Hotel

3 star hotelMeeting Hotel

Via Circumvallazione Esterna 46, Casoria

Kleopatra Design Hotel

4 star hotelKleopatra Design Hotel

Via Nuova del Campo 63, Naples

Casa Cortese

 Casa Cortese

Via Nicola Rocco, Vico I° , 4, Casoria