Venice Airport hotels with restaurant

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4 star hotelAntony Hotel

Antony Hotel

Via Orlanda 182, Campalto

All the elegance and efficiency of a modern hotel with spacious, welcoming areas, and a magnificent panoramic view of the lagoon. In a strategic position for tourism and business, only 3 minutes away form...

4 star hotelAntony Palace Hotel

Antony Palace Hotel

Via Mattei 26, Marcon

Open in February 2006 it'is a modern structure in steel and crystal, situated in the heart of the most important shopping center of the province of venice, in a strategic position for the access to the lagoon...

Cà Noghera Da Romolo

Bed and BreakfastCà Noghera Da Romolo

Via Paliaga 5, Noghera

B&B Verde Venezia

Bed and BreakfastB&B Verde Venezia

Via Litomarino 74, Noghera

Il Casolare

 Il Casolare

Via Litomarino 74 Ca' Noghera, Noghera

Agriturismo Ca' Beatrice

 Agriturismo Ca' Beatrice

Via Triestina 99 A, Favaro Veneto

Agriturismo Nonna Rina

 Agriturismo Nonna Rina

Via Leopardi 13/b, Marcon


Bed and BreakfastColors

Via Orlanda 66, Campalto

Rivalonga Apartment

ApartmentRivalonga Apartment

Rivalonga 26, Venice

Hotel Antica Fenice

3 star hotelHotel Antica Fenice

Via Orlanda 10 B, Campalto