Lakeside Resorts

An evocative area with poetic and literary connections, beloved by romantic poets as well as by contemporary writers. Italian Lake District, encloses Lake Garda, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore beautiful and amazing, where snow-capped mountains gently slope to the lake shores and picturesque gardens and ancient villas dominated the ducky lakeside towns. Italian lakes are not just these three, there is also, the smaller and less known Lake Iseo, a long narrow lake, characterized by an inhabited island but also by interesting and pleasant villages around its shores. Lake Trasimeno a peaceful destination for those, who are looking for beautiful landscapes, where enjoy a stroll on the marvellous island, Isola Maggiore. Lake Bracciano large and circular, with several charming and historic little lakeside towns and the last but not least Lake Bolsena a circular volcanic lake, hemmed in low, vineyard-crowned hills boasting two small islands.

The shores of Lake Iseo are rich in vegetation as well as resorts and beaches. Lake Iseo is famous for its natural beauties and the ancient villages that are located on its banks, but especially for the presence of Monte Isola, the largest lake island in Italy.

The peninsula of Sirmione, sung by Carducci, is one of the most enchanting places of the lake Benaco (Lake Garda), famous for its beautiful countryside, the Caves of Catullo, but also for its Spas, Catullo and Virgilio, whose sulphurous waters are fit for respiratory and rheumatic affections.

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