Liguria Hotels

Liguria Hotel Guide, with descriptions, photographs, maps and directions. Check prices and availability for your room at a budget or luxury hotel in the main resorts in Liguria.

Traveleurope allows you to book online a hotel in 76 places in Liguria including popular destinations like La Spezia with 407 hotels and Genoa where you can choose from 298 proposals.

The Cinque Terre, one of the most evocative places of the Ligurian coast, offer a unique and incomparable beauty. Land of fishermen and rocks overlooking the sea, the Cinque Terre include five villages linked by ancient pathways. For an unforgettable holiday in the Cinque Terre, you can choose a hotel in Monterosso, a beautiful village overlooking the sea, a hotel in Vernazza, famous for its colorful houses and the marina rather than an accommodation in Riomaggiore.

Villas, gardens, flowers, palms, tropical plants so arises Sanremo, the queen of the Flower's Riviera, absorbed in a fabulous mild climate, a city famous for its Festival that offers also occasions of fun at the Casino.

Airports in Liguria

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