Milan hotels in Bovisa - Niguarda area

The neighborhood of Bovisa, which includes also the Niguarda neighborhood with the big Ca' Granda Hospital, is in the 9th zone north of Milan, including the following areas: Gioia, Zara, Farini, Dergano, Affori, Comasina, Sarca, Bicocca, Maciachini. In Bovisa there is the station of the North Railways, “Bovisa Politecnico Stop”, so called because in this area there are several Faculties of Milan's Politecnico. Next to the station there is the new home of the “Triennale” dedicated to the Contemporary Art. The area is one of the nerve centre of the city for the presence of offices and because here the city’s nightlife takes place, as for example, the Isola area next to Piazzale Lagosta.

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3 star hotelEco-Hotel La Residenza

Eco-Hotel La Residenza

Via Vittorio Scialoia 3, Milan

Away from city traffic, yet only 20 minutes from the spires of the Cathedral, the Eco-Hotel La Residenza is a 3 star hotel in Milan, just a short walk from the subway station Affori Centro and 1,5 km from Bovisa...

4 star hotelAcca Palace

Acca Palace

Via Giovanni Nicotera 9, Milan

The Acca Palace is a new 4 star hotel in Milan. This hotel is located near the A4 motorway exit to Cormano and within walking distance from the Metro Affori Centro, just 5 minutes drive from the Hospital Niguarda...

4 star hotelBest Western Hotel Milton Milano

Best Western Hotel Milton Milano

Via Enrico Annibale Butti 9, Milan

The Best Western Hotel Milton welcomes you in a 15-storey building in Milan. It is located a short distance from the Metro stop Maciachini, 3 km from Central Station and just a short drive from the Niguarda...

3 star hotelHotel Ornato - Gruppo MiniHotel

Hotel Ornato - Gruppo MiniHotel

Via Luigi Ornato 64, Milan

In Bovisa-Niguarda area of ​​Milan, growing and dynamic, the Hotel Ornato welcomes you. Located near the Bicocca University, Parco Nord, Teatro degli Arcimboldi, and the Niguarda Hospital, this hotel is about...

4 star hotelAtahotel Contessa Jolanda

Atahotel Contessa Jolanda

Via Murat 21, Milan

Atahotel Contessa Jolanda is situated in the north of Milan, short distance from the Metro Maciachini, through which you can easily reach the historical centre of Milan. The hotel is easily accessible from the...

 Villa Cheta

Villa Cheta

Via Privata Imola 3, Milan

In Milan, Bovisa area, the B & B Villa Cheta, welcomes you in a villa dating back to the 1900s, with a beautiful garden. Just 5 minutes walk from the tram leading to the city centre, this hotel offers a laundry...

 Residence Hotel Siloe

Residence Hotel Siloe

Via A. Cesari 19, Milan

The Residence Hotel Siloenis located in a quiet area near the Niguarda Hospital in Milan and the Milano Bicocca University. The hotel is well served by tram direct to the city centre and the subway line 3.

 B&B Artloft

B&B Artloft

Via Carlo Imbonati 10, Milan

The Bed & Breakfast Artloft in a modern penthouse apartment with private garden within walking distance from downtown Milan. The property is just 30 meters from the metro station Maciachini on the yellow line...

Edo House

ApartmentEdo House

Via Carlo Cafiero 2, Milan

Queen Apartments

ApartmentQueen Apartments

Via Valassina 5, Milan