Naples hotels near Via Roma

Via Toledo-Roma is a beautiful street of Naples, completely dedicated to walking and shopping. The street is very long, over 1200 meters and connects Piazza Trentoe Trieste to Piazza Dante to the north: Piazza del Duomo is further east. Along Via Roma there is a succession of historic buildings, noblemen's palaces, churches and monuments, but also restaurants, bars, cafes and in particular shops and fashion boutiques. The street is mostly pedestrian, so it is really a very pleasant place to spend a bit of time, both day and during evening hours. Throughout the entire Via Toledo-Roma and in the nearby streets there are many hotels.

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La reggia della Talpa

ApartmentLa reggia della Talpa

(0.05 km) vico lungo del gelso 115 piano terra, Miano

Napoli a Festa

Bed and BreakfastNapoli a Festa

(0.07 km) via Pasquale Galluppi 6, Naples

B&B Da Roberto

Bed and BreakfastB&B Da Roberto

(0.07 km) Via Speranzella,184, Naples

Napoli Bonita

Bed and BreakfastNapoli Bonita

(0.08 km) Via Diaz, n. 8, Naples

My Loft in Naples

ApartmentMy Loft in Naples

(0.08 km) Via Armando Diaz, 8, Naples

Casa Gentile a Speranzella

ApartmentCasa Gentile a Speranzella

(0.09 km) via speranzella, 2, Naples

B&B Montecalvario 41

Bed and BreakfastB&B Montecalvario 41

(0.09 km) Via Montecalvario 41, Naples

Locappart Marinelli Mansarde

ApartmentLocappart Marinelli Mansarde

(0.11 km) Piazzetta Marinelli 3, Naples

Luxury Art Resort Piazza Carita'

4 star hotelLuxury Art Resort Piazza Carita'

(0.11 km) Piazza Carità, Naples

Hotel Toledo

3 star hotelHotel Toledo

(0.12 km) Via Montecalvario 15, Naples