Rome hotels near Quirinale

The Palazzo del Quirinale began to be built at the end of 1500, and its construction and art was defined by some of the greatest masters of art and Italian architects. The Quirinal was until 1870 the seat of the Pope's summer residence, then the royal palace in the age of Savoy and finally home and housing of the official head of state. The extension of Via del Quirinale is Via 20 Settembre, where are the Ministries of the Republic, and is parallel to Via Nazionale.

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Villa Spalletti Trivelli

 Villa Spalletti Trivelli

(0.14 km) Via Piacenza 4, Rome

Trevi Palace Hotel

3 star hotelTrevi Palace Hotel

(0.17 km) Via XXIV Maggio 43, Rome

Quirinale Apartment

ApartmentQuirinale Apartment

(0.19 km) Via della Consulta 56, Rome

Quirinale Luxury Rooms

3 star hotelQuirinale Luxury Rooms

(0.19 km) Via XXIV Maggio 51, Rome

Parma Apartment

ApartmentParma Apartment

(0.20 km) Via Parma 9, Rome

Overview Rome B&B

Bed and BreakfastOverview Rome B&B

(0.21 km) Via della Panetteria, 45, Rome

Palazzo Scanderbeg

 Palazzo Scanderbeg

(0.21 km) Piazza Scanderbeg 117, Rome



(0.22 km) Piazza Scanderbeg, 51, Rome

Elite Lucchesi House

ApartmentElite Lucchesi House

(0.22 km) Via dei Lucchesi 26, Rome



(0.22 km) Piazza Scanderbeg 51, Rome