Siena hotels near Cathedral

The Cathedral of Siena dates back to 1200-1300: the wonderful church we see today, however, is only a first draft of a building much more impressive that the Government had decided to build in that times. But the plague and wars with neighboring states reduced the economic availability and thus the most ambitious project was abandoned. The magnificent building visited by thousands of people every year is a bit east from Piazza del Campo, and close to Via dei Fusari and Via dei Pellegrini.

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Bed and BreakfastCasacenti

(0.09 km) Via di Vallepiatta 6, Siena

Palazzo del Magnifico B&B

Bed and BreakfastPalazzo del Magnifico B&B

(0.10 km) Via Monna Agnese 22, Siena

Il Battistero Siena

Bed and BreakfastIl Battistero Siena

(0.12 km) Piazza di San Giovanni, 13, Siena

B&B Simonetta Siena

Bed and BreakfastB&B Simonetta Siena

(0.13 km) Piazzetta Bonelli 1, Siena

Le Campane

 Le Campane

(0.15 km) Via delle Campane 4, Siena

Siena Vip

Bed and BreakfastSiena Vip

(0.17 km) via del Costone 11, Siena



(0.17 km) Via di Diacceto 20, Siena

Casa San Domenico

ApartmentCasa San Domenico

(0.17 km) Via Diacceto 21, Siena

Dietro le Quinte Apartment

ApartmentDietro le Quinte Apartment

(0.17 km) via Diacceto 17 17, Siena

Piazza del Campo Siena

ApartmentPiazza del Campo Siena

(0.18 km) Via di Città 65, Siena