Main Spa Areas in Italy

Italy richness in thermal and mineral waters, known throughout the world, made Italy a favourite venue for "health care tourism", wellness and beauty treatments. Abano is famous for mud therapies recommended for rheumatic illnesses and problems regarding the respiratory system, thanks to the hot springs gushing out from Euganean Hills. Sirmione well-known for its sulphurous springs is the perfect choice for inhalations and mud baths. Montecatini with its mineral waters is especially suitable for digestive system problems. In southern Italy numerous Spas form an arch around the Gulf of Naples, among which stands out Ischia famous for its radioactive waters recommended for arthritis, rheumatism, obesity and metabolic disorders.

Visiting Montecatini Terme you will discover the capital of Tuscan thermal tourism. It boasts Tettuccio thermal bath, the most elegant and Leopoldine and Torretta spas. Montecatini Terme the perfect destination for those who want to take advantage of therapeutic waters.

Located in an inactive volcanic zone, this gem of the Euganean Hills, with a mild climate all year round, is not only the greatest European thermal bath but also the most ancient. Abano Terme a city dedicated to rest and relax.

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