Verona hotels in Borgo Trento area

In Borgo Trento district, located near the historical centre of Verona, stands the Arsenale Franz Joseph, in Romanesque style, a defensive structure of the Venetian Quadrilateral. After World War II until 1960, Borgo Trento, has seen a strong building development, with the construction of upper class palaces. In the area close to the hospital Borgo Trento there are numerous green areas and the Lombroso gardens.

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3 star hotelHotel Italia

Hotel Italia

Via Mameli 58/66, Verona

Verona, city of Romeo and Juliet, located at the junction of an important and international cross-roads; has been one of the world famous capitals of lyrical Opera for 75 years; it is a jewellery box of art and...

3 star hotelHotel Relais 900

Hotel Relais 900

Via San Leonardo 5, Verona

In Verona, in a quiet area not far from the cathedral, the hotel Relais 900 awaits you. Some of the most interesting places of the city are within walking distance and the hotel staff can arrange tours and...

La casa di Arturo

Bed and BreakfastLa casa di Arturo

Via dei Mille, 9, Verona

Apartment"Al Parco" Apartment

Viale della Repubblica, 39, Verona

Fleur Blanche

Bed and BreakfastFleur Blanche

Via Goffredo Mameli, 19, Verona

Relais Fra' Lorenzo

 Relais Fra' Lorenzo

Via Castello San Felice 11, Verona

Nadia's Apartment

ApartmentNadia's Apartment

Via Goffredo Mameli 164, Verona

Agriturismo Il Pianetto

 Agriturismo Il Pianetto

Viale dei colli 49/D, Verona

Art Déco B&B

Bed and BreakfastArt Déco B&B

Via Cefalonia 2, Verona

Ai Giardini B&B

Bed and BreakfastAi Giardini B&B

Via Ciro Menotti 30, Verona