Verona hotels in Montorio San Michele area

Located in the eastern part of the city, the Montorio and San Michele districts, represent a very characteristic historical area outside the Old Town of Verona. In particular in Montorio area stands a medieval castle built on an ancient Roman castrum. The castle is partially open to tourists. The fortress of Prera, north of the castle, was named Werk John, and it is a well-preserved Austrian fortification. The resurgences, called “Fossi”, are an interesting natural destination close to the city centre. In San Michele district there are several churches and historical squares.

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3 star hotelHotel Brandoli

Hotel Brandoli

Via Antonio Da Legnago 11, Verona

Hotel Brandoli is a quiet, welcoming and modern property situated in a green area of Verona, 4 km from the historical city centre and easily reachable from the highway, the airport and Verona's Fairground. The...

Borgo Orsolini

ApartmentBorgo Orsolini

via Bartolomeo Lorenzi nr 19, Verona

Corte San Felice

 Corte San Felice

Via Belvedere 123/A, Verona

Agriturismo Corte Carolina

 Agriturismo Corte Carolina

Via Ponte Verde 18, Verona

Villa Belvedere

ApartmentVilla Belvedere

Via Belvedere 11, Verona

B&B Pergolesi

 B&B Pergolesi

Via Pergolesi 7 7, Verona